Fire Safety

Scheduled Inspections

At Nortron Electrical, we’re dedicated to providing affordable safety without compromising quality. As part of our scheduled fire safety inspections, we offer the following services:

  • 6 monthly inspections
  • Yearly inspections
  • Annual Fire Safety Certification
  • Inspections of AED

We are qualified and experienced to perform the inspections to current standards including AS1851-2012 and will look after your business or work place with the same care as if it was our own.

To make things easy for you we will establish a “Care List” that will make sure you are always aware of when 6 monthly and Annual inspections are needed. This list will also indicate any preventative maintenance or replacements required to be completed and the cost involved, which will both help keep cost down by avoiding inspection of equipment that needs mandatory replacement or repairs due to age and will help to make sure we are able to submit necessary Annual Fire Safety Statements on time without unexpected issue.

Our team of specially trained personnel will ensure that your premises is always looked after on time and that all the important inspections and maintenance is carried out as per the Australian Standard AS1851-2012.

Fire Safety Australia Standards

Listed below are a few of the existing Australian Standards that Fire Safe maintains and follows:

AS2444 – Portable Fire Extinguishers & Fire Blankets
AS2441 – Fire Hose Reels
AS1670.1 – Fire Alarm Panels
AS2118 – Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
AS2419.1 – Fire Hydrant Systems
AS1905.1 – Fire and Smoke Doors
AS3786 – 240v Smoke and Heat Alarms
AS2293.1 – Emergency Lighting and Exit Signage
AS1668.1 – Mechanical Air Handling Systems
AS1670.4 – Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems
AS2441 – Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

Contact us today to arrange a scheduled inspection!

  • 6 monthly inspections
  • Yearly inspections
  • Annual Fire Safety Certification
  • Fire evacuation Plans